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Video Semiology Screening

Brisbane, Australia


Where Institute of Modern Art
Date 6pm-7pm, Saturday, 1 December 2012
Tickets FREE

Taka Iimura’s conceptual video works expose, analyse, and disrupt the habitual ways we view video, paring it down to its essential elements and toying with them, making us aware of construction as much as content. In ons, a man and a woman see and film one another. Their relation to one another—and to us as viewers—is complicated by the mediating role of the video camera and monitor, generating absurd feedback loops and infinite regresses, optical and semantic. Pressuring language until signifier and signified become unhinged, Iimura’s video semiology parallels the work of Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida.

Video Semiology Screening - WORKS

  • 28 minutes
    A Chair

    After coming back from New York in 1969, Takahiko Iimura began video production in Tokyo. Working in experimental film since the early 1960’s, he first combined the art of film with video, thus making a kind of flicker effect in video….

  • 29 minutes
    Talking Picture

    Self Identity (1972) Double Identity (1979) Double Portrait ( 1973-1987) I Love You (1973-1987) This Is A Camera Which Shoots This (1982-1995) As I See You You See Me (1990-1995) I Am A Viewer, You Are A Viewer (1981) ….

  • 10 minutes
    I Hear Myself

    Seeing/ Hearing / Speaking (2002) Talking to Myself (1978, revised in 2001) Talking in New York”(1981, revised in 2001) Talking to Myself at PS1 (1985) Based on a sentence taken from a seminal book by the French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, “Speech and Phenomena”…

  • 23 minutes
    Taka limura

    In this collection of videos, Talking Picture (The Structure of Film Viewing) and Shadowman (The Structure of Seeing and Hearing),  Takahiko Iimura presents a series of mind-twisting videos,  meditating on the experience of watching film/video, and of seeing and being seen.  Prodded by…