…from soapbox to Senate

…from soapbox to Senate is inspired by Gordon Brown, a gentleman of the Commonwealth (Australia via Canada and United Kingdom) who variously as a radical agitator, subversive, unionist and respected ALP politician served stints both as the President of the Senate in Canberra and at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Boggo Road Gaol.
The history of both Gordon Brown and Boggo Road Goal, as well as directly interacting, share some tangental similarities. Both the man and the building experienced the ‘fearful conditions’ and oppressive isolation of the itinerant poor; and upon the cessation of their active tenures Gordon Brown and Boggo Road Gaol both achieved a degree of optimism and closure.
Through the use of digital synthesis, on-site field recordings and folk instrumentation, for …from soapbox to Senate I wish to create an piece that conveys the oppressiveness of institutions (the prison system, the old Empire) and also the ability of people and buildings to transcend and rehabilitate the consequences of prior associations.


Project Institutional Capture
Artists Andrew Tuttle
Year 2014
Origin Brisbane
Duration 20 mins