Bum Creek

Painting For a broken sewing machine

Painting For a broken sewing machine.1961.Place a broken sewing machine in a glass tank ten or twenty times larger than the machine. Once a year on a snowy evening place the tank the town square and have everybody through stones:

Comb piece: part 3. Take a tape of your child combing. Let her listen to it when shes sick in bed.

Wall Piece for Orchestra To Yoko Ono. Hit a wall with your head. 1962.

Bum Creek are currently pre-interpreting these works and will interpret them on the night. This may or may not include making a large sewing machine exclusively controlled and broken by specialised head wear. Bum Creek will most definitely investigate them sonically with touches of drama and irreverence with respect to Yoko. Illegal wireless microphones operating at 700 megahertz frequency will not be used.


Two parts of Bum Creek studied a uni degree that on completion was discredited and hence are dumb and faulty. The other is a painter/ hospo lyfer and hence is dumb and faulty.



Project Experimental Universe: Re-enactments and Imaginings
Artists Bum Creek
Year 2014
Origin Australia
Duration 30 minutes