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Dirk De Bruyn at OtherFilm Festival 2007  (photo: Christina Tester)
Dirk de Bruyn BASED IN Melbourne, AUSTRALIA ARTFORM Animation; Expanded Cinema performance


Image: LIGHT PLAY (1984), 16mm film, colour, sound, 1984, 7minutes.



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Dirk de Bruyn has been creating film works for over 35 years; mostly in the hand-made, 'direct animation' mode. He also performs live with multiple projections of his films in a highly embodied mode of expanded cinema performance. His work is renowned for its intricate, suggestive layering of sound and image, and use of sumptuous, blooming fields of colour.

"My hand-drawn direct work remains my regurgitated creative life-blood, continually re-inscribed with the follies and hesitations of my everyday life. It speaks to me of things I have never said. It survives viscerally outside the outside. It impacts my body before thought floods in."

Dirk de Bruyn


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