Floterian - Hand Printings from a Film History, Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Melbourne, 1981, 12mins

Brilliant Journeys


Part of Brilliant Journeys
Where Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia
Date Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sydney Opera House and OtherFilm present an all-Australian line-up of incredible abstract film-art with live soundtracks by contemporary noise, electronic and rock musicians

This special event teams some extraordinary and experimental art films by the Cantrills’, Dirk De Bruyn, George Gittoes, Paul Winkler and Andrew Pike, ‘living legends’ of Australian art cinema with specially commissioned live performances by Holy Balm, The Garbage and the Flowers, Robin Fox and Joel Stern. The films will be screened on luminous 16mm, taking the viewer on stunning kaleidoscopic journeys, which will be mirrored and expanded on by the musicians presented over four unique sets.

Brilliant Journeys is curated by the Brisbane based experimental and avant-garde collective OtherFilm.

The event will be MC’d by Jay Katz aka Jamie Leonarder from The Mu Meson Archives!

Brilliant Journeys - WORKS

  • 25 Mins
    Char Hit Frames Dirk de Bruyn, Melbourne, 1986, 25mins

    Char Hit Frames

    (1986) Dirk de Bruyn Melbourne, Australia

    Film and performance artist Dirk de Bruyn deals with the disorientating and traumatic experience of media-saturated environments. Dirk uses blooming fields of colour applied by hand to the film surface to create an absorbing space where time is disturbed and…

  • 12 Min
    Floterian - Hand Printings from a Film History, Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Melbourne, 1981, 12 mins

    Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have devoted their artistic careers to the fascinating possibilities of projected light. For over 40 years, they have explored film experiences involving performance, film material and the limits of human perception. In Floterian random strips of…

  • 24mins
    Green Canopy, Paul Winkler, Sydney, 1994, 24mins

    Green Canopy

    (1994) Paul Winkler Sydney, Australia

    Since emigrating overland to Australia by motorbike in 1959, Hamburg-born film maverick and bricklayer Paul Winkler has cemented his reputation as one of this country’s most unique film artists. He is renowned for transforming imagery of iconic places and spaces…

  • 11 Min
    Rainbow Way, George Gittoes, Sydney, 1977, 11mins

    Rainbow Way

    (1977) George Gittoes Sydney, Australia

    George Gittoes is well-known as a war artist and documentary provocateur. In the late 1970s, George explored holography, underwater photography and multimedia environments involving performance, dance and projections. In Rainbow Way (1979), reflected sunlight, water and prisms are used to…