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Solar Guitar, Alex Cuffe

Mental Orchestrations; New Noise Machines

Brisbane, Australia


Part of Wireless Imagination
Where State Library of Queensland
Date Saturday, 7 November 2009

A two evening evolving happening in celebration of Art Monthly Australia’s (AMA) November issue, edited by Douglas Kahn and Sarah Last, focussing on sound art and noise.

Responding to Futurist visionary Luigi Russolo’s radical noise-machines, the intonarumori, on the 100th anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto, a selection of contemporary Australian sound artists transform the SLQ terrace into a Mental Orchestra of machines-for-making-noise.

Mental Orchestrations; New Noise Machines - WORKS

  • Melanie Jade Simpson


    Melanie Jade Simpson Brisbane, Australia
  • Chloe Cogle

    Dutton Park Cemetery

    Chloe Cogle Brisbane, Australia
  • Gugg


    Christopher L G Hill , Alex Vivian Melbourne, Australia

    Christopher L G Hill & Alex Vivian (Melbourne) Our Voices are our noise making machines, they gurgle and cackle in GUGGity. The shapes our mouths fall into may be new or old, the combinations are endless, two trolls playing b-ball…

  • Dylan Martorell

    Hang Parts

    Dylan Martorell Melbourne, Australia

    Spinning grains.

  • Michael Donnelly

    Bike drum assemblage

  • Water pumps, Alex Cuffe

    Macro Brew

    Alex Cuffe Brisbane, Australia

    …the pursuit of invention and innovation through using sonic feedback and found materials. When this is achieved you own your creation like no other.

  • Andrew McLellan and TImothy Tate

    Debris from our industry of technological determination – be them found in the pierced sky or on the scarred earth – excrete the background noise we crave once we have found our ability to break the saturation. With sonic microscopy,…

  • Botborg

    Noise Image

    Botborg Brisbane, Australia
  • Ross Manning

    Light, electronics, generating sound, video, Upside down cake, instrument building, colourful noise, dinosaurs, junk assembly, re purposed old technology, sculpture, custom devices, kinetics, film, installation and love.

  • The Vessel Project

    Conceived by noise-sculpture visionary Rod Cooper, the Vessel Project fuses sound, electronics, light, mechanics and projection in the form of a long metallic boat filled with enclosed sound chambers and covered in strings, springs, bowing mechanisms, tongs, rods and tubing….