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Psycho Subtropics 2010

Melbourne, Australia


Part of Psycho Subtropics
Where Gertrude Contemporary
Starts Saturday, 26 June 2010
Ends Sunday, 27 June 2010

Straddling the altered interstates between decorum and delirium, this gaggle of Queensland artists invoke molten-media performance inferences in Psycho Subtropics 2010. Two evenings of multi-dimensional research and visceral visuality from expedited equatorial agents of aberrance.

part of the Always Moving’s Event Series curated by Jared Davis


Ross Manning

Ross Manning – messed up beautiful noise and sculpture

Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne – mutliscreen karaoke experiment

Alex Cuffe

Alex Cuffe -home made bass guitar and home brew

Sky Needle

Sky Needle – primitive music on homemade instruments, Melbourne debut

Abject Leader

Abject Leader – colour surgery

Joel Stern

Joel Stern -music povera

Laura Hill (scraps)

Laura Hill (scraps) – Brisbane perverse pop legend, debut in Melbourne

Chloe Cogle

Chloe Cogle – fake ethnography slide show

Scale Free Network

Scale Free Network – ectoplasm aesthetics

Sally Golding

Sally Golding – celluloid provocation

Cured Pink

Cured Pink – sensitive guy industrial noise

Gerald Keaney

Gerald Keaney – attack on boredom


Meta-Band – street bananas