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Processing Disagreement: Part 1

Brisbane, Australia


Part of OtherFilm / IMA
Where Institute of Modern Art
Date 6pm, Thursday, 5 September 2013

Being embedded in entertainment—’the culture industry’—the moving image has often been a target for radical film artists. Some make explicitly political, socially engaged, strident, ideological works. Others process popular imagery through their avant-garde language, making the critique more abstract and implicit. These approaches can be difficult to reconcile, and artists tend to cleave more to one tradition or the other. There are, however, a body of works within the field of experimental cinema that ‘process this disagreement’.

Processing Disagreement: Part 1

WORKERS LEAVING THE FACTORY (AGAIN) – Katharina Gruzei (Austria, 2012, 11mins)
UNE CATASTROPHE – Jean Luc Godard (France, 2008, 1min)
NOVEMBER – Hito Steyerl (Austria, 2004, 24mins)
ELECTION COLLECTABLES – (Bryan Boyce, US, 2000, 4:42mins)

A joint project OtherFilm / Institute of Modern Art