Malcolm Le Grice - Horror Film

Malcolm Le Grice; The Image of Time

Brisbane, Australia


Part of Expanded Cinema
Where Institute of Modern Art and Tribal Theatre
Starts Thursday, 11 November 2010
Ends Friday, 12 November 2010

Experimental films, video art, and expanded-cinema performances and talks by Malcolm Le Grice, probably the most influential modernist figure in British cinema. Having masterminded an early series of artistic raids on the system of cinema, Le Grice’s innovative work has enthralled film and gallery spectators for over four decades. Through multi-screen film-environments and poetic live interventions, he continues to articulate new possibilities for experiencing light in time. Over two special events, Le Grice presents key works dating from the 1960s until now, including his legendary 1970 multi-projector collaboration with Brian Eno, Berlin Horse.

A joint project with OtherFilm, Institute of Modern Art, New Zealand Film Archive, and Screen Queensland for St. George Bank Brisbane International Film Festival