In Search of UIQ

In Search of UIQ

Brisbane, Australia


Part of OtherFilm / IMA
Where Institute of Modern Art
Date Thursday, 6 March 2014

OtherFilm screen Paris-based filmmakers Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni’s In Search of UIQ, a new experimental documentary based on Félix Guattari’s unmade science-fiction film script. After discovering the unpublished script, Thomson and Maglioni initiated a multi-form research project that culminated with In Search of UIQ. Moving surreptitiously between the modes of essay, documentary, and fiction, the piece unfolds the story of philosopher and schizoanalyst Guattari’s attempts to produce a science-fiction blockbuster from his original screenplay Un Amour d’UIQ (UIQ in Love). The script imagines a hyper-intelligent, invisible, protean life force dubbed UIQ (Infra-Quark Universe) that makes contact with a community of outsiders while simultaneously causing havoc to global communications networks as it begins to develop consciousness.

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