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Bondi, Paul Winkler, Australia Colour, 15 minutes, 1979

Fractured Fragments


Part of Seeing Sound
Where State Library of Queensland. Brisbane, Australia.
Date Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sound/image relations reconfigured, fractured and re-set at strange angles. Recombinations that divide audiovisual planes. De-conventionalising of social and cinematic space. Independent, outsider, autodidactic methodologies. Scored, scoured, scraped, scratched back, re-inscribed (cinema as a palimpsest), re-laid, mis-tessellated and overlapped (cinema as mosaic; images and sounds as tesserae…)

Fractured Fragments - WORKS

  • 15 min


    (1998) Marcus Bergner Australia

    “In its fragmenting, elusive and undecipherable feeling it is a kind of filmic template for traumatic memory itself. This film is like an answer to an unknown accusation to which “the whole of one’s life would have to be passed…

  • 23 min
    Beyond Fuller, Barrett Hodsdon and Bruce Hodsdon, Australia, Colour, 23 minutes, 1972

    “The film both evokes and probes the ‘trance’ state in its relentless images of the eye, looking and spectator immobility – yet, unlike many later didactic works in the formalist-conceptualist mode, it is a film ‘essay’ which does not need…

  • 15 min
    Bondi, Paul Winkler, Australia, Colour, 15 minutes, 1979


    (1979) Paul Winkler Australia

    ..composite images using in-camera matting techniques, dividing the frame horizontally into multiple sections. Amos Vogel described this manipulation of pictorial space as ‘reminiscent of Max Ernst’s surrealist collages’.

  • 10 min
    Outer Space, Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, Black and White, 10 minutes, 1999

    “The pace becomes frenetic, the woman is being pursued by invisible opponents, pushed against a mirror, walls of glass burst, furniture tilts and the cinematographic apparatus which the heroine begins to attack in blind fury also collapses. The images jump…

  • 19 min

    Spit/Optik + Mix 1 & 2

    (1988-1990) Roxlee Phillipines

    Visions of daily life in Manila are overlaid with translucent layers suggesting origin myths, sexual psychosis, post-colonial anxiety and more. These multiple experimental animations are matched with instant sound compositions featuring the filmmaker’s improvised songs. Naive, energetic and slightly deranged.