Dresden Dynamo, Lis Rhodes, UK, Colour, 5 minutes, 1974

Dresden Dynamo

Lis Rhodes was one of the key figures in the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative, possibly most well-known for her work exploring the film medium in expanded cinema performances and multi-screen presentations. Dresden Dynamo continues her interest in experimenting with the limits of the materiality of the film medium. The film is entirely composed by the application of Letraset and Letratone onto clear film. The final print has been achieved through three, separate, consecutive printings from the original material on a contact printer. Colour was added, with filters, on the final run. “The film is not a sequential piece. It does not develop crescendos. It creates the illusion of spatial depth from essentially, flat, graphic, raw material” – Tim Bruce.


Project Optical Sound
Artists Lis Rhodes
Year 1974
Origin UK
Duration 5 Min