Image data taken from TRACE (Transition Region and Coronal Explorer) NASA space telescope

Wireless Imagination

Brisbane, Australia


Where State Library of Queensland
Date Saturday, 7 November 2009


A whole world of sound that’s “out there”

High-profile American theorist Douglas Kahn is set to unleash his unique mix of ideas about sound, art and the cosmos on Brisbane audiences. Kahn’s cutting-edge work explores the collision between art and technology in sonic practice by placing in the context of modern and postmodern experiment. As the art world marks the 100th anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto, Kahn’s celebrated research into the Futurists, noise, machines, music and electromagnetism resonates with a special significance.

Throughout October and November 2009 Kahn is touring Australia in association with the Australian Network for Art & Technology’s Embracing Sound program to promote the November 09 Sound Art issue of Art Monthly Australia, which he guest-edited. Douglas will share his insights into the relationships between astronomy, cosmology, science, technology, radical aesthetics and the natural noises made by electricity and other elemental energies in our atmosphere.

For the Brisbane leg of this tour, QUT, The State Library of Queensland and OtherFilm have partnered to bring Douglas Kahn to the city for a high-calibre 2-day festival experience, Wireless Imagination. The event will feature informative talks, eye- and ear-opening film screenings, and exhilarating live performances by leading sound artists from around Australia, all addressing the creative themes running throughout Kahn’s fascinating and eagerly sought-after scholarly work. We hope you can join us for this exclusive, evolving multimedia experience.

CURATORS: Joel Stern, Douglas Kahn, OtherFilm

The AMA November Sound Art edition and Kahn lecture tour is made possible from funding support from the Australia Council for the Arts Music Board and the Visual Arts Board International Strategies Review.

Wireless Imagination - PROJECTS

  • Black Rain (Semiconductor, UK 2009) screening in THE CINEMA OF TURBULENT TRANSMISSIONS


    Starts Saturday, 7 November 2009

    Douglas Kahn introduces and discusses solar noise and electrical turbulence illustrating his ideas with some recent and historical film favourites.

  • Solar Guitar, Alex Cuffe

    Mental Orchestrations; New Noise Machines

    Starts Saturday, 7 November 2009

    A two evening evolving happening in celebration of Art Monthly Australia’s (AMA) November issue, edited by Douglas Kahn and Sarah Last, focussing on sound art and noise. Responding to Futurist visionary Luigi Russolo’s radical noise-machines, the intonarumori, on the 100th…