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London, UK


Where Cafe Oto
Date Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Sami Van Ingen


Unconscious Archives transverses noise core and vision spectacle bringing together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar. This special edition brings expanded cinema crashing down on London, with the first visits in this capital from the dynamic French live cinema collective Nominoë, and from innovative film artist and author Sami Van Ingen. Also featuring a premiere of new audiovisual synaesthetic work by London’s Spatial.

NOMINOE | France

‘Ex-machina'; 7 x 16mm projectors; 20mins

Nominoë are a collective of artists made up of filmmakers Emmanuel Lefrant, Alexis Constantin, Nicolas Berthelot and Stéphane Courcy di Rosa. For the first time in London they present an improvised, shifting sonic cinema performance combining light play, hand processed film strips, and direct projector and filmstrip sound.

Reviving the early experiences of light-shows and happenings ‘Ex-Machina’ manifests as projection, light games, shadows, and sonic debris, unravelling a dramatization of light for seven 16mm projectors, 16mm projectors, contact microphones, mobiles and various sources of pure light.

Cinema moves away from the usual model of film production – images are made without a camera; filming disappears in favour of the actual act of projecting. Their performances focus on collective visual and sonic improvisation – the ‘shape’ of the work remains free, the projectionist is turned performer.

Handheld projectors and other devices emit discontinuous light destructively fed through rotating color disks and filters, the beams finding their way around mechanical interruptions. Sounds captured by microphones are processed and redistributed live, creating an audible and visual machine in motion, accelerating and gradually thrashing out to a self destructive final explosion.

Nominoë have performed at major events in France and abroad including Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris; Independent Film Show, Fondazione Morra, Naples; Festival du Nouveau Film de Montréal; Filmgarden, Normandy; and Hors les murs, Paris.


‘Primaries'; 2 x 35mm projectors, live hand painted film; 30mins 

Sami Van Ingen brings his live double 35mm cinemascope hand painted projection performance ‘Primaries’ to London for the first time. Cinema in a purely visual form which fundamentally operates as visual poetry, ‘Primaries’ is a real-time film performance open to interpretations synergetic to that of live music.

“If cinema has its own language, and if we accept that cinema can also be abstract, then this language must be somewhere other than in depiction.” – Van Ingen

Utilising two modified 35mm film projectors, clear and opaque film, and bottles of ink, flickering light, colors and textures are created in real-time, by applying liquid pigments straight onto the film base – whilst it moves through the projectors. The images are created by scraping, coloring and dissolving the film surface just before the looped filmstrip feeds back into the projector. The filmic image is in a process of constant change and partial destruction.

‘Primaries’ allows the audience to see the process of creation – the physical act of manipulation. There is no final, fixed work, rather the process of image creation in full display, an ephemeral cinematic experience never to be repeated.

SPATIAL | London

‘Primitives’; Home made code, Video & Sound; 20mins 

‘Primitives’ is a new performance project from Spatial that uses custom made, home coded software to explore sonic and optical intensity articulated by simple geometric figures and high and low frequencies. Projected images drive a sensory assault, consumed by your eyes, then your ears and existing somewhere between perceptions.

In sympathy with the material aspects of live audiovisual art, Spatial’s method of deformation and alteration of coded light brings a new realisation to the relationships between seeing sound and hearing colour.

Spatial is most often referenced for his “echoes of haunted dancehalls and distant raves in London town..” In late 2008 spatial subverted the UK bass scene by releasing a limited 10” on his newly christened Infrasonics Imprint. The expansion of dubstep’s horizon with a technoid garage hybrid combined with the minimal aesthetic of the design and information reticence proved compelling in an age of categorisation and communication overload. The release scored an instant Boomkat single of the week and all but sold out inside two weeks. Spatial’s new EP is currently hotly recommended by Bleep. This is Spatial’s latest project interrogating hacked code for excruciating light.


Unconscious Archives is programmed by Sally Golding & James Holcombe. Supported by,OtherFilm & Netaudio