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Spaceship Earth

Brisbane, Australia


Where Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Date 6pm-10pm, Friday, 30 November 2012
Tickets FREE

New York animation dynamo Peter Burr performs remediated television from tomorrow, as the Cartune Xprez stops just long enough to transmit some transgressive telecasts to Spaceship Earth. Sound and space will further be transformed by unpredictable improvisers Bum Creek, who’ll bring their special brand of organised audiovisual chaos to the festival setting.

Spaceship Earth - WORKS

  • 5

    For their video performance for Otherfilm, Bum Creek members will wear GoPro cameras on their heads. This equipment was apparently acquired from a post-Olympics London garage sale.

  • 50 minutes
    Future TV

    Originally from Portland, video and performance artist Peter Burr is now based in New York. He belongs to a network of DIY underground cartoonists and musicians. In his performance Special Effect, he becomes the live presenter of a television show…