Pilgrimage From Scattered Points – Luke Fowler (45mins, UK, 2007)

Scratch Musics

Brisbane, Australia


Where State Library of Queensland
Date Wednesday, 19 March 2008



Scratch Musics - WORKS

  • 22 mins
    Drum/Sing, Gregor Nicholas (22 min. NZ, 1985)

    A film by Gregor Nicholas (22 min. NZ, 1985) A collaboration between Nicholas and the performance music group ‘From Scratch’ founded by Scratch Orchestra member Phil Dadson.

  • 45 mins
    Pilgrimage From Scattered Points, Luke Fowler (45mins, UK, 2007)

    In his latest documentary film piece, Fowler outlines the history of The Scratch Orchestra, composer Cornelius Cardew’s free-thinking grouping of musicians, non-musicians and other interested parties.   Using archive footage – much of it culled from Hanne Boenisch’s 1971 television…

  • 23 mins
    The Machine For Making Sense

    A film by Stephen Jones (23minutes, Australia, 2008) “The Machine for Making Sense” performed at the Opera House in late 1994 and I was invited to record the performance, so with another camera operator and myself we shot the entire performance….