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Restructuring the void

Brisbane, Australia


Where Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Date 6pm-10pm, Saturday, 1 December 2012
Tickets FREE
Gallery Restructuring the Void - Images

Legendary media artist Takahiko Iimura is profiled in a retrospective screening and performance program surveying his career-long practice of reconstructing the relations between word, image and time across experimental cinema, video art and Fluxus performance.

If Iimura is renowned for rewriting the rules of audiovisual spectatorship, then Bruce McClure’s project is to utterly annihilate those rules. Bruce returns to Australia to stage even more aggressive and transcendental battles between light and dark with his arsenal of modified 16mm projectors. Earplugs supplied, as is an epilepsy warning for those sensitive to extreme strobe effects.

Restructuring the void - WORKS



    (1994) Takahiko Iimura Japan

    In AIUEONN we see and hear Iimura pronouncing each Japanese vowel in turn. Then image and sound part company: we see him pronouncing one vowel but hear him pronounce another, working through every possible mismatch. The images of his face…

  • 18 mins
    ScreenPlay,  PlaceM gallery, Tokyo,1963_2012

    Screen Play

    (1963 / 2012) Takahiko Iimura Japan

    The abstract film, Iro (1961) which investigates chemical reactions emerging from the mixing of paint, oil and heat, is projected directly onto the back of a performer, whose clothes are gradually cut away. Find out more at An interview by Julian…

  • long

    Bruce’s 2012 Australian performance, The Fiercer the Fire the Longer the Spoon, will include the following new works; Then Otherwise Rounding (2012) As Yours So Mine To Reconstruct (2012) Forty Routs Static And Bawling (2011) Beauty Scouts In Elegant Pursuit (2011) OUR PATTERN…