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Takahiko Iimura’s “Talking Picture”

OtherFilm Melbourne 2012

Melbourne, Australia


Part of OtherFilm Festival 2012
Where New Low Gallery - Basement 746 Swanston St Carlton, Melbourne
Starts Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Ends Thursday, 6 December 2012
Tickets $10

Through the progressive revelation of unconscious material, the ‘now’ of performance becomes an ongoing communicative delirium (this festival comes with a strobe warning)

MELBOURNE Wednesday 5 December / New Low Gallery / Takahiko Iimura (Tokyo), Peter  Burr (New York), Artist Film Workshop and Justin K. Fuller. Thursday 6 December / New Low Gallery / Sally Golding and Bruce McClure, Matthew Brown and Richard Tuohy, plus installations both nights by Jarrod Factor, Kit Webster, Marcia Jane, Tara Cook, Sarah Byrne, Zoe Scoglio.

Melbourne Parter – NEW LOW

OtherFilm Melbourne 2012 - WORKS



    (1994) Takahiko Iimura Japan

    In AIUEONN we see and hear Iimura pronouncing each Japanese vowel in turn. Then image and sound part company: we see him pronouncing one vowel but hear him pronounce another, working through every possible mismatch. The images of his face…

  • 18 mins
    ScreenPlay,  PlaceM gallery, Tokyo,1963_2012

    Screen Play

    (1963 / 2012) Takahiko Iimura Japan

    The abstract film, Iro (1961) which investigates chemical reactions emerging from the mixing of paint, oil and heat, is projected directly onto the back of a performer, whose clothes are gradually cut away. Find out more at An interview by Julian…

  • 50 minutes
    Future TV

    Originally from Portland, video and performance artist Peter Burr is now based in New York. He belongs to a network of DIY underground cartoonists and musicians. In his performance Special Effect, he becomes the live presenter of a television show…

  • long

    Bruce’s 2012 Australian performance, The Fiercer the Fire the Longer the Spoon, will include the following new works; Then Otherwise Rounding (2012) As Yours So Mine To Reconstruct (2012) Forty Routs Static And Bawling (2011) Beauty Scouts In Elegant Pursuit (2011) OUR PATTERN…