Invocation of My Demon Brother 11 mins, 1969, USA

Invocation of My Demon Brother

“A follower of Aleister Crowley’s teachings, Anger is a high level practitioner of occult magic who regards the projection of his films as ceremonies capable of invoking spiritual forces. Cinema, he claims, is an evil force. Its point is to exert control over people and events, and his filmmaking is carried out with precisely that intention.”

This is a fast moving collage of Magick elements drawn from Aleister Crowley without the narrative elements of Anger’s other films. Indirectly it is about the power of art to achieve a concentration of the imagination. The montage suggests the trance of music, drugs, possession by war, suicide and sexuality as ‘the dynamic of imaginary initiation’ invoking Lucifer. Anger himself is the Magus (priest) – his face in black and gold. With a soundtrack by Mick Jagger on Moog synthesizer.


Artists Kenneth Anger
Year 1969
Origin USA
Duration 11 minutes