Nutrition: The All-American Meal

Bad Education

Sydney, Australia


Where The Red Rattler Theatre
Date Friday, 10 January 2014

part of the 2014 NOW now Festival of Art.
Smack/Bang, OtherFilm and MuMeson Archive present

Experimental Soundtracks to Vintage 16mm Educational Films

HANDS OFF (mid 70s South Australian 13mins)
The dangers of unexploded ordinates (bombs, shells and detonators). Very Australian, very extreme explosions and very funny. Soundtrack by Peter Blamey (no input mixer)

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT (late 60s American 15mins).
Surreal and hilarious take on the stranger danger arena of educational film. Soundtrack by Chris Abrahams (piano)

RABIES (Dangers of infection) (early 70s British 8mins)
Shocking ,bizarre and inept. Soundtrack by Ben Byrne (data tapes) & Dave Brown, (acoustic guitar)

NUTRITION, the all American meal (late 60s American 7mins)
Awareness of the danger of high level of fast food consumption. Soundtrack by Darren Moore (percussion) & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice)